The Noble Hound is a Winnipeg based dog training company. We offer three levels of group obedience classes, private in home training, workshops, and a unique dog walking program, all designed to meet your dog’s needs. We do far more than teach the basics; we educate owners about dog behavior and explain why dogs do certain things and how they communicate with us and other dogs. Most importantly, we teach you how to build a relationship with your dog that is based on mutual respect, trust, structure and love. So, what are our goals at The Noble Hound? Well, it’s simple. We want happy people and happy dogs!



Dog Walking & Puppy Visits

Our dog walking service offers more than just a leashed up walk around your neighbourhood. We love to have fun in the fresh air and we love to train dogs, so we thought, why not combine the two? Our walks are all about outdoor adventure, while also incorporating important life skills such as basic obedience and leash manners.  Learn more.

 Upcoming Classes

The Noble Hound Dog Training offers 3 levels of group obedience classes – puppy, basic obedience and advanced obedience. Click here to view and register for upcoming classes.

Leash Manners & Recall Workshops

Spring 2017

Leash Manners and Recall are two closely related topics, so we decided to combine them in this 3 week workshop. We will incorporate a number of leash manners and recall exercises to help improve your dog’s impulse control, focus, and attention to handler.

For  more info on upcoming Leash Manners & Recall Workshops click here.