Leash Manners & Recall

Leash Manners & Recall (Limited to 6 dogs)


Leash Manners and Recall are two closely related topics, so we decided to combine them in this 3 week workshop. We will incorporate a number of leash manners and recall exercises to help improve your dog’s impulse control, focus, and attention. We will also discuss humane and helpful training tools such as the front clip harness.

Please note: this workshop is not suitable for dogs who bark excessively at other dogs or people while on leash. If your dog is experiencing leash reactivity or aggression, please contact us for private training.

Topics Include:

    • Loose leash walking & heeling
    • How to prevent pulling, and over excitement on walks
    • Attention to handler
    • Basic recall “come”
    • Recall games
    • Recall with distance and distraction

Next Available Workshop:

Next session: Spring, 2020 – please check back for dates

Total Cost: $100.00

Prices include GST

LOCATION: The Waverley Heights Community Center (1885 Chancellor Drive)

*This class is not suitable for aggressive or reactive dogs.

To register please contact us

To register and secure a spot, payment must be received within 10 days. We take cash, cheque and E transfers.